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Manuscript Review Program

With the support of the College of Arts and Sciences, and as part of its core mission to further humanities research, the UT Humanities Center hosts a Manuscript Review Program for faculty from its nine affiliated arts and humanities departments. The program provides funding for faculty book projects that are at advanced stages but that would benefit from professional review before being submitted (or resubmitted) to a publisher. The Manuscript Review Program provides helpful and timely feedback to tenure-stream humanities faculty preparing monographs or other similarly large academic writing projects.

This program offers grants to fund short-term workshops that

  • include intense discussion about a faculty author’s manuscript;
  • generate specialized, constructive feedback for improving the manuscript;
  • develop strategies for finding suitable publishers for the manuscript (re)submission;
  • create scholarly networks that familiarize colleagues beyond UT with humanities research occurring at UT, and promote UT faculty as leading scholars in their fields.  

Tenure-stream faculty may apply to the UTHC for awards of up to $3,000 to support travel, lodging, food, and a $500 honorarium per reviewer, for external reviewers (although these amounts can be supplemented by funds from the applicant’s department). In addition, the Humanities Center recommends that at least one internal reviewer from a department outside the author’s home department also be invited to the workshop, but internal reviewers will not be compensated with an honorarium through this program.


The program’s centerpiece is a workshop consisting of the author’s introduction to the project, external and internal reviewers’ responses to the strengths and weaknesses  of the manuscript, and discussion of the manuscript’s readiness for publication.

In consultation with the UT Humanities Center Associate Director, faculty authors must distribute their manuscripts to every participant such that all parties have sufficient time to read it—ideally six weeks in advance of the seminar. Workshops are held at the UTHC and typically last two to three hours.

Applications should be submitted to the Director of the UT Humanities Center at  Questions may be directed to the UTHC at 974-4222.

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