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Brittany Poe

Brittany PoeFifth-Year Doctoral Student (in 2017-18)
Department of History
Project: Beyond Paris: Alan of Lille and the Reception of Scholastic Theology in Occitania and Iberia, 1150-1300

This project broadens discussion of medieval Scholastic theology to include the mutual relationship between the theologian and his environment by examining the ways in which Scholastic theology was adapted to and consumed by the multiconfessional populations of the Languedoc and northern Iberia, specifically through the career and works of Alan of Lille (c. 1120-1201). His theological program was picked up in various intellectual circles in Iberia where it was adapted for use in mediating Christian-Muslim-Jewish relations. Alan represents, in many ways, the diffusion of Scholastic theology and an opportunity to examine the interaction between schoolmen and their environment.

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