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Why is Humanities Research Important?

Dr. Shepardson with artifactsThe arts and humanities explain us to ourselves. They connect us to our ancestors and encourage us to understand our historical past; they help to make sense of the politics, changing values, and contexts of the present; they enable us to imagine the future.  They connect us to the good, the beautiful, and the true in all fields of human endeavor and help us to see the infinite variety and possibility offered by the world.

Here are some views about how humanities research is important; your monetary support of the UT Humanities Center will help us to preserve the legacy of the humanities and build toward new futures at UT Knoxville.


Tracy K. Smith on the Value of the Humanities

Christopher Newfield on the Role of Humanities Research

Humanities and The Sciences," with Vinton G. Cerf, Michael Witmore, and Amy J. Elias

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