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Becker Seminar Honors Passport

Michael Witmore and Vinton Cerf Celia Chazelle Zsuzsanna Gulacsi Jerry Gershenhorn Kate Elswit William Egginton Fred Moten Elizabeth Catte David M. Lubin Deborah Wong Kimberly Bowes Lothar von Falkenhausen Montserrat Cabre Christopher Newfield Anita Allen Steven Stoll Jane Elliott Amy Greenberg Tracy K. Smith

The Humanities Center creates synergies and collaborations with outstanding undergraduate research programs and initiatives on the UT campus. One such collaboration is with the Chancellor’s Honors Program.

The Becker Seminar is offered as a co-curricular of the Chancellors Honors Program; each semester, CHP students must attend a certain number of Becker Seminars. Named “Becker Seminars” in honor of program founder Dr. Susan Becker, these events are honors-sponsored lectures and events as well as other campus programs approved by the Chancellor’s Honors Program.

The public lectures by scholars visiting the UT campus as part of the UT Humanities Center’s Visiting Scholar’s Program is one such approved campus program. Undergraduate students enrolled in the Chancellor’s Honors Program will receive credit for a Becker Seminar (and a “stamp in their passport”) by attending a lecture offered as part of the Visiting Scholars Lectures program and the "Dialogues: Region and Nation" miniseries within it. 

See the Visiting Scholars Lectures listing for the academic year here.

Students wishing information about how to receive credit for attending Humanities Center events should contact Chancellors Honors. Click here to read more about the Chancellor’s Honors Program and the Becker Seminars.

For more information, contact the UT Humanities Center at 974-4222.

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