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While we realize that proposing a definition of the humanities is not going to satisfy everyone, we accept the definition of the National Endowment for the Humanities. The term humanities includes, but is not limited to, the study of the following:

  • language, both modern and classical;
  • linguistics;
  • literature;
  • history;
  • jurisprudence;
  • philosophy;
  • archaeology;
  • comparative religion;
  • ethics;
  • the history, criticism, and theory of the arts;
  • those aspects of social sciences that have humanistic content and employ humanistic methods; and
  • the study and application of the humanities to the human environment, with particular attention to reflecting our diverse heritage, traditions, and history, and to the relevance of the humanities to the current conditions of national life. Anyone whose research falls into one of these categories should consider applying for a fellowship.

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